Beverage Giant Gives the Skinny on Sweeteners

Dr. Liz Applegate

This article, entitled "Beverage Giant Gives the Skinny on Sweeteners," is presented by Coke.

More than 200 million people spanning 100 countries eat and drink products with low- and no-calorie sweeteners.

Did you know:

  • People consuming low- and no-calorie sugar-free foods and beverages get more vitamins and minerals and eat fewer calories overall

  • 6000+ products around the world use low- and no-calorie sweeteners

  • Aspartame is one of the most studied ingredients in the world – with more than 200 safety studies and 48 years of use

Recent news stories have spurred misconceptions about these popular sweeteners. In the video below, Dr. Applegate, Director of Sports Nutrition, University of California, Davis and a published expert on the topic, will shed some light on these popular sweeteners.

Dr. Applegate, who has appeared on national television shows such as The CBS Early Show and Good Morning America, has an enthusiasm and style of translating technical science into everyday speak that has made her undergraduate nutrition classes the nation’s largest with enrollments over 2500 annually. She provides nutrition consultation for collegiate and professional athletes and food & beverage companies such as The Coca-Cola Company and has served as a keynote speaker at industry, athletic and scientific meetings. As an author, Dr. Applegate has written the nutrition column in Runner’s World magazine for 25 years and has written several books.

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