A Swaddling Care System as Mother Nature Intended

Swaddling is one of the best ways to make a baby feel secure. TrueWomb™, a leading manufacturer of baby gear, is proud to introduce their award-winning sleeping system that has redefined swaddling care as we know it! With TrueWomb’s innovative Stage 1 Sleeping Swaddle and Stage 2 Arms Free Weaning Swaddles, your baby will sleep more safely, soundly and comfortably – a gift to both parents and your precious cherub, especially after the first few months of the baby’s arrival.

TrueWomb’s revolutionary technology sets out to address baby’s transition from womb to world in a way never seen or done before! This innovative Swaddling care system provides a womb-like environment, allowing for both your baby's arms and legs to kick and stretch while active and returning them back to the fetal position at rest. With easy-to-follow instructions, TrueWomb makes it a breeze for anyone to quickly and snugly swaddle a fussy baby!

Most swaddles on the market today are either difficult to use, uncomfortably binding or even potentially hazardous for baby. Tested by parents and pediatricians, the TrueWomb system solves problems that many newborns and infants experience, such as sleep disruption and colic. By design, TrueWomb’s ComfortWrap Belt™ system is the “missing link” in swaddling care, and actually presses down on the abdomen when colicky babies naturally kick their legs straight out while having a gastro-intestinal event, helping them to get the gas out and relieve colic.

For those parents and caregivers new to swaddling, TrueWomb helps to soothe and calm little ones and is guaranteed to be the savior of sanity for any sleep deprived parents or caregivers! The patent pending SwaddleTech Pouch – the cornerstone of the system – comfortably eases the legs into the fetal position while at rest, but allows the legs and hips to extend and stretch in the same way they do inside the womb. The upper system snugly keeps arms in place within the escape proof SecureSleeve, while still allowing for natural movements. The adjustable ComfortWrap belt made from soft and flexible Velcro creates a secure foundation at the waistline for the extension and retraction of the SwaddleTech pouch.

TrueWomb, LLC, is an Austin, TX-based designer and manufacturer of innovative and intuitive baby gear that provides babies a nurturing head start by closely replicating the feel of the womb. Each product is engineered by Mother Nature to provide parents with practical solutions for their babies that aide in sleep and comfort - for everyone. TrueWomb launch our Brand at the 2010 ABC Kids EXPO, and out of hundreds of entries, was one of ten Award winners of the coveted JPMA Innovation Awards. TrueWomb has also won the coveted 2010 JPMA Awards, The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval 2010, the PTPA Seal of Approval 2011, Red Tricycle Award Winner 2011, and the Creative Child Award Winner 2012. TrueWomb’s retail price is $39.99 sold in the United States and Canada through Independent Retailers and on their website.

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