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Toothpaste can do everything from cleaning jewelry to fixing glass coffee tables (and of course clean your teeth!) Some of the ingredients in toothpaste makes it suitable for polishing, cleaning and deodorizing.

I personally have used toothpaste to dry up the occasional pimple for over 30 years.

The non-gel, white paste works best, and if it has baking soda in it, that’s even better. And you can pick up tubes of toothpaste at your local dollar store for a buck. You probably already have products that fix a lot of the problems listed below but in a pinch, toothpaste can solve a lot of your household challenges, and it’s something you always have on hand.

  • Carpet Cleaning/Stain Removal – Apply toothpaste to the stain, scrub with an abrasive brush, rinse, and blot dry.

  • Stained Clothes – Apply directly to stain and rub fabric together. Rinse with water and wash as usual. *This may not work on all stains and fabrics.

  • Make Your Glass Gleam – For small scratches in your glass coffee table or drinking glasses, rub toothpaste in with your fingertip or a soft cotton cloth. Rub in a circle, let dry, then rub the area gently with a clean lint-free cloth to clean completely.

  • Shine Silver – Rub toothpaste on tarnished silver with a soft cloth, rinse and dry.

  • Remove Fish/Onion Smells From Your Hands – A quick scrub with an inch of toothpaste will get rid of any lingering fish or onion odors from your hands.

  • Tar Removal – An inch of toothpaste will get rid of any tar you get on your hands or any other body part. *This works well with sap too. I was cutting tree limbs and my fingers were sticking together from leaking sap…the toothpaste got rid of it quickly and easily.
  • This is only a partial list! Click here for more toothpaste uses from!

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