House Works: Shoe Care

Jon wants to go on record by saying he does take good care of most of his shoes. But, one pair that became a bit dilapidated caught the attention of a local shoe expert.

So that got us thinking...maybe there are other people out there who could use a lesson in shining men's shoes.

Here's our interview with Kent Stadler in today's House Works.

So often, guys get busy, and it's hard to remember to shine those shoes. And there are some shoes that guys are afraid to shine, because they may not understand how to do it correctly.

Today, Kent is showing how to shine Jon's shoes, because as Kent puts it, Jon abused them. Kent says to get a brush, and put a bit of polish on the bristles only. Then brush it on an area of the shoe. You can do it twice, using two coats.

Next, use a old t-shirt to buff it out. Kent is using a machine as a demonstration. As you can see, there is a night and day difference. Use a black brush for a black shoe, and a brown brush for a brown shoe. It's a good way to save money.. and not have to go out and buy new shoes.

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