Alternative Uses For Plastic Canisters

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Now that it's warming up outside, many of us have started making lemonade and tea from a powdered mix that we buy in a plastic canister.

When the canister is empty, don't toss it! Instead, wash it and then dry it thoroughly. Putting it into the recycling container is great, but below are some other ways the canister can be “recycled.”

  • Use for storing your favorite coffee or tea

  • When making homemade gravy, put the lid on and shake

  • Flower vase

  • Send small cookies, candy or other special treats to your kids in college, neighbors, your children’s teachers, or someone in the military – you don’t need to worry about having them send the empty canister back to you (tell them to recycle it)!

  • Flip the canister upside down and the next time you make biscuits or cookies, use it for your biscuit or cookie “cutter” – it’s the perfect round shape
    If you want bigger biscuits or cookies, use the lid as the “cutter”

  • Pencil and/or Pen Cup

  • To hold loose change

  • Use for storing straws

  • The lid is the perfect size for a coaster, keys, or paper clips

  • Fill the canister with small pretzels or other nibbles when you go on a picnic or to the beach

  • Store those teeny-tiny Lego pieces in it

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