The Do's and Don'ts of Making the Most of Your Space

According to the National Home Builders Association the average American home size is 2300 square feet. So what do you do when you are running out of room, but can’t afford to move into a bigger house?

Do ask your rooms to do double duty. Move your office into your kitchen. It is a hub of activity anyway. Make space on your counter for a laptop and use a barstool for seating, or use a corner for a small desk for another workspace.

Don’t move your office or exercise equipment into your bedroom. That room needs to remain a place of peace and tranquility for you.

Do get rid of extraneous and under-used furniture. If all that end table does is collect the mail and dust, that square footage might be better utilized.

Don’t buy furniture that is too big for your space. Over-sized furniture is a trend, but it will make your small room feel even smaller. Make sure that you take the measurements of your room when you go furniture shopping.

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