Getting Rid of Static Cling

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Static 411

Static cling happens when the air is dry and there is low humidity. Static is a result of positively charged particles building up on surfaces. These particles repel other positively charged particles and cling to negatively charged particles around them, like magnets. Static particles won’t build up on wet surfaces or in a moist environment.

Steps to Fight Static

You can use dryer sheets (which I do, but I still get the static in some of my clothing), dryer balls, which I haven’t tried and did read some articles saying they don’t work (have you tried these?) or opt for more natural fiber clothing.

Here’s some other ideas to try…..

  • Fill a spray bottle with water and then mist the air and walk through it.

  • Use hairspray on the underside of your dress or skirt.

  • Rub unscented lotion or moisturizer on your skin before dressing…I’ve actually rubbed it on the outside of my tights when wearing a skirt or dress…..didn’t seem to work so much for me though, even though I know people who swear by this.

  • Put a humidifier on your closet floor and run on low.

  • Neutralize static charge buildup by moving a metal coat hanger through delicate fabrics like silk. For maximum efficiency, use this method after dressing or right before wearing an item.

  • Take clothes out of the dryer while slightly damp and let air dry…BUT then it seems like there’s more wrinkles and I HAVE to iron!

  • Add 1/4 cup white distilled vinegar in your washer’s rinse cycle. (*DO NOT use with bleach…the resulting gas can be noxious).

  • Shake out clothing as soon as you pull it out of the dryer to prevent static from setting in.

  • Add 1/2 cup baking soda to wash cycle.

So if you’ve used the dryer balls and had success, we’d love to get your comment or if you have other suggestions, we’d love to know about them.

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