Banana-Cocoa Cookies

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I don’t cook. Hardly ever. And when I do, it’s gotta’ be the easy and quick. Because I’ll be honest. I don’t really like to cook! But, I wish I did. It’s one of those things I wish I could do – but have realized it’s not my forte. :) Thank God my husband cooks and likes to!

I saw a recipe today on Pinterest, from The Burlap Bag. It said ’2 ingredient Cookies’ – and needless to say – I was hooked and immediately went to their website to check out the recipe! Literally, there are two ingredients, plus any ‘extras’ you might want to add. So, I figured I’d try it out and document the process. :)

The ingredients I used included the following:

- 3 medium sized bananas
- 1 cup of old fashioned organic oats
- 2 tablespoons of dark cocoa powder
- Dash of cinnamon

I mixed the bananas and oats first, mashing them up to make a nice creamy mixture. I then added the cocoa powder and cinnamon into the mix. From there, I oiled a baking sheet with a dab of peanut oil and plopped the ‘cookie dough’ onto the sheet. I baked the cookies at 350 degrees, like The Burlap Bag recipe indicated, for about 15 minutes. I let them go a little longer, for a little more ‘crispness’, but maybe only 5 minutes longer. Not gonna’ lie, they were tasty! And so easy! The prep time was 10 minutes and that’s it!

Plus, my little Eli loved them. :) Which was a bonus. Hope you enjoy! You can add chocolate chips, walnuts or try another something that peaks your taste-buds. I can imagine anything you try would be extra yummy with these already tasty treats!

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