What Not to Buy New

This article, entitled What Not to Buy New – Do You Agree?, comes from partner site 719woman.com.

We published a story earlier on what not to buy used (which I disagreed with some of the items). And this weekend I stumbled across another related article about what not to buy new.

Here’s a few suggestions on what NEVER to buy new.

Movies: I can personally say that almost all of our DVD’s are bought used and we’ve never had problems with them. You can find them at Blockbuster, thrift stores, garage sales and Craigslist.
Jewelry: I bought a ring at a pawn shop years ago for about $60 and then had it appraised at a jewelry store…$180.00 is what it was appraised at and I still love that ring!
Autos: I’ve only bought a vehicle once that was brand, spanking new and you know what…for the price, it was probably one of my least favorite vehicles.
Pets: We get all our pets from the Humane Society.
Books: I very seldom buy new books.

What are some of your favorite items you never buy new?

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