Pacing Yourself During the Holidays

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This year has been fast and frantic for me with launching our website, writing posts everyday, selling a home, medical issues and life in general…plus trying to learn how to use Facebook, Twitter and my laptop (for more than email), not to mention taking pictures and keeping up with it. Which is not different from any other hard-working woman. This year though whooped my butt and the thought of decorating and throwing a party last month for Halloween didn’t seem as much fun…it seemed more like work.

This time last year we were furiously working to get our website ready for its launch and I found myself still doing all the other things I do this time of year…having a Halloween party, sending out literally hundreds of Christmas cards, entertaining, having seven decorated Christmas trees in our house (and every imaginable space decorated too) and as I was thinking it wasn’t so hard fitting an extra four of five hours of things to do in my day, I found myself not enjoying what I was doing so much.

It seemed like every single day it was a race to get things accomplished, the days were speeding by with a continuous mental count-down till the next event, and when it was all said and done (after the holidays), I was more relieved than anything else.

I want to better pace myself this year so that I can actually enjoy myself, appreciate time spent with family and friends, and delight in this time of the year. It’s easier for some people to relax than others. I’m one of those that likes to go-go-go, but with age and health, my body is shouting “SLOW DOWN!” and I think I’ll listen. I have learned that stress and not taking care of yourself can really wear you down and doesn’t do your health any favors. I guess I’m realizing that I don’t have to do all things, all the time.

I wish I had realized this a little earlier in life though….maybe I wouldn’t still be feeling a tad guilty that I didn’t have that Halloween party this year! It’s okay if we break traditions or say no to something when we really don’t have the time…instead of forcing ourselves to try to do it all.

You don’t have to volunteer every time it’s needed. Your house doesn’t have to be perfect at all times and it’s ok to not have a gourmet meal on the table every night. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a housewife, holding down a full-time job, going to school…if you’re a woman, chances are you do for others first, try to fit way more in your schedule than humanly possible, and don’t take care of yourself as much as you should.

So if you’ve been feeling stressed, rushed, resentful even….about all that you do or need to do; why not take a deep breath, look at what’s “have-to’s”, like kids, work or school and see what you really and truly can skip every once in a while. Again, this time of year can become extremely hectic so why not slow down and pace yourself… might even enjoy it.

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