Dog Bite Prevention Tips

Whitney Scott

This article, entitled "Dog Bite Prevention Tips," comes from Whitney Scott, MomsEveryday correspondent from South Central Kentucky.

No doubt that dogs are man’s best friend… but in the summertime, we may be at a greater risk of being bitten by one.

According to the centers for disease control and prevention, about 4.5 million Americans – half of them children – are bitten by dogs each year. As the temperature rises and we spend more time outside, we tend to have more interactions with dogs.

Kids should be taught basic safety tips to reduce their chance of being bitten. They include:

  • Not playing with dogs without supervision and telling an adult if the animal is acting strangely.
  • Not approaching unfamiliar dogs, and if approached by one to stay still and avoid eye contact.
  • Allowing dogs to see and sniff a hand before petting them, and not disturbing dogs that are sleeping, eating or caring for puppies.

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Whitney Scott
Whitney is a former full-time career woman who took the plunge to become a stay at home mom.
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