How to Be a Better Step-Parent

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Growing up watching the Brady Bunch on television, didn’t it always seem like everyone got along with each other ALL the time??? There was Carol Brady who was a stepmom to Mike Brady’s three boys. Mike was a stepdad to Carol’s three girls.

Rarely was there an episode where it showed the stepmom and her stepsons not getting along or the stepdad and his stepdaughters disagreeing. In real life, however, blending a family together takes time, communication, patience and lots of love. Here are some tips to being a good stepparent:

Getting to Know – Take the time to get to know your future stepchildren before the wedding. If possible, include them in the wedding.
Don’t Talk Negatively – Never put down or talk badly about the ex-spouse in front of your stepchildren. If you have an issue to discuss, do it privately.
Rules – Whether your stepchildren live with you part-time or full-time, they still need to observe and follow the “house” rules.
Taking the Place – Don’t try to take the place of your stepchildren’s biological mother or father. No matter what kind of a relationship your stepchildren have with them, they are still their mom and dad.
Stay Involved – Show your support by attending academic, music or athletic events.
Acceptance – Accept your stepchildren for who they are. They are individuals and each have their own special qualities. Embrace them with open arms!

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Cathy is a homemaker, wife and mother to a son with special needs, an adult daughter and stepmom to an adult son.
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