If That's the Worst Thing that Happens

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Last Tuesday started out like a relatively normal day, with the exception of having Lauren home from school recovering from a stomach bug. I had several errands to run and told Lauren I would have my cell phone on in case she needed me for any reason.

My first errand was going to the library. I needed to run to the restroom quickly while I was there because I had four other errands to run before going back home. I entered the restroom and I'm pretty sure there was a little kid next to me in the stall. Just as I got into my stall and locked the door, they ran out of the restroom and turned off the lights! The restroom was pitch black and even though I knew where the exit door was, I couldn't seem to find the handle or the light switch. After about 30 seconds, I was able to find the door.

I get claustrophobic sometimes, so those 30 seconds felt like 30 hours. I pulled myself together and checked out some books and left.

My next three errands were uneventful and then it was on to Kroger. I had pulled out my phone to check messages and dropped it, not once, but twice. Both times the battery flew out. I tried to reinstall it, but it wouldn't go back in. I got kind of stressed, because I had Lauren at home, recovering from her stomach problems and was worried Dominic might get what she had because he drank out of her cup of water on Monday. I half expected a call from his teacher saying he was sick too! I couldn't call Lauren because my phone wasn't working. I was about a half hour late coming back home and when I got back home she told me everything was fine, but she was getting ready to call me since I was late.

I made her and I some lunch and ran another quick errand up to our church and then came back home because I had to take Lauren to a sports practice. I took the freeway to practice and had a woman cut me off as I was trying to merge into traffic. I got kind of ticked and Lauren said something like, "well, if that's the worst thing that happens to you today, you're doing okay!"

I told her being in the restroom in the dark was the worst thing until the lady cut me off. After I dropped Lauren off, I had a small pocket of time to toss our dinner into the crockpot before Dominic got home on his bus. I was still putting on my shoes when the bus pulled up. I got Dominic off the bus and into the house. In the process of getting him inside, I tripped over a pair of my shoes by the front door and fell down on the carpet in the living room! I twisted my ankle, but not real bad. Dominic said, "uh-oh, mommy fell!" I told him I was fine because I didn't want to get him upset.

I picked myself up, dusted myself off and went about my business. The rest of the evening was smooth sailing. I think when you have a day where everything seems to be going wrong, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You think in your head, "well, bad things keep happening, it's going to be a bad day." In the great scheme of life, the events of the day weren't all that bad. As hard as it was for me on Tuesday, I kept trying to remain upbeat. I'm happy to report Wednesday was much better!!

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Cathy is a homemaker, wife and mother to a son with special needs, a teenage daughter and stepmom to an adult son.
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