Quick Tips on Love and Relationships

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I won’t deny it, marriage is hard. My husband is awesome but other times I want to run screaming for the hills… which might be an understatement. I think that in relationships – of any kind – it is easy to forget that the other party is a person, with feelings and thoughts all their own – just as valid as our own. With that in mind, I want to offer a few tips that I have learned in my years.

  1. Partners are… well, they are people.
    Shocker right? I joke at times about the routine of our lives and how robotic it can all be – but we’re not robots, we’re not cool zombies and like it or not my spouse doesn’t always have the same ideas as me – or even like mine. I think knowing, respecting and appreciating that gets us half way there. Yes, we’re going to disagree and yes, we’re probably going to fight and say things that we should never say to one another but when we work to remember to see each other as people, it can help us take a step back because in seeing that we can also see our own reflection.

  2. Follow your instincts.
    Another mind blower this one... except it is. There are so many outside influences in life that it can be not only easy to second-guess yourself, but incredibly hard to do what you feel is right. Communicating with your partner and developing a trust of those inner voices can have a positive affect on so many areas of life – everything from the words you speak to the foods you eat. Intuitive living is all about following your instincts and doing what feels right, which can be very different from what we want to do at times, let me tell you! I know we are not perfect beings and we can be wrong, but when your actions come from a good place it rarely falls short in my experience, and even when it does the intentions do make a difference in where the chips fall.

  3. Tell them you care.
    So often we assume that they know. My mom always said that when you “assume” you make an “ass” out of “u” & “me” and that, of all things, has always stuck with me. No matter which way you slice it, that’s generally how it works. I love my husband, he loves me. He works hard, I work hard. We assume that the other knows how much we care by the actions that we take, but then we’ve gone and done it… we’ve “ass” “u” “me”d. Of course we both recognize what the other has done on the surface - { He did the dishes – Woot! I don’t have to do that now! } - but without actually taking the time each day to say that we love them, care for them, respect them, etc they don’t really know – and without hearing it, we don’t really know.

    I wouldn’t typically throw a product mention into a post like this but I happened to be sent a date night idea booklet from a company called Datevitation and I sort of love the concept. One of the hardest things about connecting with my husband is simply taking the time to connect. We use to do date nights every other week but they were always the same and predictable. It was nice to spend time together but there was no excitement. When this company emailed me I was a little skeptical – after all, I’m a crafty girl and can whip up some fun graphics – but then I looked through their site and found myself excited about making my own booklet. They have fun ideas (even for nights in!) and you can enter your own messages with each one – I won’t share mine with you here but let’s say that I was a bit cheeky and had a lot of fun with it and I am pretty darn excited to give it to my husband for Valentine’s Day.

  4. Last but not least – have fun.
    Day-to-day life has a way of wrapping us up and keeping us from the things that truly matter. Taking the time to think about what we want out of life, and how we want to look back on our life, can be a very grounding experience – helping to keep focused on our true hopes, dreams and goals. Work and responsibilities will always be a constant in life but our loved ones come and, unfortunately, go. Imagine how you might look back on your life thirty years from now. Are there things that you wish you had done? Are there people you wish you had spent more time with, connected with or simply said more to? Draw up a “bucket list” if it helps, but remember to make time for the life that you want to live. After all, we’ve only got one shot.
    • I’m sure there is so much more to be said, but these are just a few things that I find important in my relationships. What tips do you think are important in helping to foster good relationships with partners, family or friends?

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