My Teen Driver and Me

Kristi Davis

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My tall boy drove to school this morning.

I never fathomed that I would have a child that was driving. Frankly, it terrifies me. He is a good driver and I am confident in his skills but he is still my child.

I took him to get his license yesterday and it was nerve racking for both of us. He was nervous about being able to drive by himself without one of us looking over his shoulder. I am nervous for him to be out on the road without us nagging him about using his turn signal.

I know he is a good driver and will be OK, but he is still my baby behind the wheel.

I also know what I was like at 16 and that may be part of the problem.

I was a ditz and probably should not have been given the keys to any sort of vehicle.

I know the rules for driving have changed significantly since I was driving and that is definitely for the best. He can’t pile eight of his closest friends and haul them to lunch like we did. For the first six months of driving he can’t have any passengers under the age of 18 without an adult over 21 with him. This is a great idea now that I am a parent but I am sure that I would have hated it at his age. There was nothing like loading all my friends in the car and going to the mall or wherever I wanted.

Being able to go off and not have to depend on my parents was such a rush, and I want him to have that. I want him to know what it is like to have those experiences, but the waiting period is a good idea.

I was one of the first of my friends to drive so it was awesome to be able to have that sort of independence. I also know what a distraction that was to have a bunch of rowdy friends in the car.

It will let him get a little experience under his belt before he goes out and does the stupid things that kids do. I am not saying that he will do dumb things, but let’s be real. He is 16 and with that comes some questionable decisions.

When I was 16, a girlfriend and I put my brother in the trunk of my car and went out teepeeing houses. My brother had a blast, but I am pretty sure that my parents would have frowned on the use of a vehicle that way.

Yet again, I wonder why anyone left me in charge of their children. I really hope he doesn’t do that with his younger brother. I will then be forced to call my parents and apologize for my teenage behavior once again.

I can only hope that my son takes his early driving career a little more seriously than I did. Please, son, disregard everything that I just wrote here. Be a better teenager than I was.

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