Thanks for the Feedback...I Think

This article, entitled "Thanks for the Feedback" comes from children's author Julia Cook.

RJ just doesn't know what to say. RJ, like many children his age, struggles with accepting compliments and criticism!

Teaching your child how to give and receive compliments is a very important life skill. Receiving sincere compliments successfully can help foster a child's self-worth and self-appreciation. Being able to give a sincere compliment to another person teaches a child how to recognize and appreciate others.

Tips for Giving and Accepting Compliments

  • Recognizing the power of compliments will help a child develop a more positive outlook on life and become more successful.

  • Accepting compliments is a learned behavior and cannot be forced, so teach in the moment.

Tips for Children on Accepting Feedback

  • Feedback is simply information and/or advice that can help you improve. Most feedback is designed to help you!

  • Don't take feedback personally. Most people are not trying to hurt you, they are just letting you know that their preferences may be different than yours.

  • Being able to accept feedback shows maturity and can help prevent problems with people in authority.

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Julia Cook
Julia Cook is an award-winning children’s book author and parenting expert.
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