Disciplining Kids for the Non-Disciplined Parent

There is no doubt that children need structure and rules, but what happens when parents have trouble enforcing or following through with the needed discipline?

Many moms and dads can certainly relate. Whether you are a new parent just learning how to discipline or a well-seasoned parent who is having trouble sticking to rules and charts, renowned parenting expert, Haleh Rabizdeh Resnick, has the advice you need. The busy mother of five knows far too well the challenges presented daily when raising children and understanding discipline.

Her book, Little Patient Big Doctor: One Mother's Journey, was written in response to a medical issue her one child was misdiagnosed with years ago. Resnick wanted to acknowledge in her book how important it is to have good relations with your child's doctor, and to also share her own personal stories.

Resnick is not just a health advocate with her book, but she also wanted to focus on a more holistic and casual approach to parenting, which includes discipline. The author believes we need to let "kids be kids" and allow them to take more chances and become more independent. Resnick knows that every family is different and is able to offer sound advice for all parents who may be struggling with disciplining and all of which that entails.

Listen to Resnick's advice below:

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