Journaling: Write to Self-Discovery and Less Stress

Most of us spend at least part of the day writing; that could be making a grocery list, helping the kids with homework, writing a work memo, or updating our Facebook status. But there’s something about putting a pen to paper and unleashing our stream of consciousness that is good for the soul.

As kids we may have kept a diary, chock full of details about each boy we crushed on or a difficult upcoming exam we were cramming for. Writing about these events made them easier to deal with or get over. But keeping a diary isn’t just for kids.

Journaling is a cathartic process that allows us to let go and in many cases de-stress. It gives our brain a chance to de-clutter and dump all of those thoughts that have been keeping us up at night.

Journaling has been a scientifically proven means to manage stress and to grow emotionally. Some experts believe it even boosts your immunity. It’s especially effective if you write about your emotions and how you feel about certain issues or events in your life.

If you’ve never kept a journal before, the first step is easy. Buy one. I have some of the most beautiful journals, many of which I received as gifts that hold even greater meaning. Keep it somewhere safe. Journals hold some of our most private thoughts and feelings and are meant for our eyes only.

You must find time each day (or as often as you’d like) to write. In our busy lives it can be a challenge to make time to journal. Some people prefer to write as soon as they wake up. Others wind down by writing about the day’s events and how we were affected. Usually between five and twenty minutes is enough to get down your thoughts.

What fills the pages is limitless and completely up to you. If you just start writing, the words will flow. Write about your hopes and dreams, your fears and worries. Write about your friends and family, work and colleagues. Write about your future goals, your childhood memories and what you’re thankful for.

No matter what you write about, know that you’re on your way to less stress, self-discovery and emotional healing.

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