My Own Gilligan's Island Episode

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My parents came to visit us in Nebraska from New York. It has been like an episode out of Gilligan’s Island. It was supposed to be just a "three-hour-tour" and now they are stuck on the deserted island of two children, insane schedules and mass chaos. Silly them for thinking they were only going to stay for three days.

I feel for them – they don’t know what’s really happening to their home. Friends and family have reassured them that no trees fell on their house and that there doesn’t seem to be any flooding – but there is still no power and they have to just wait. Wait, wait and wait, while the reports of our other loved ones ruined homes comes in.

My cousin had up to 8 inches of water in her house and 4 feet of water in her garage. Everything is damaged, if not ruined – the oil burner, central air, floor, carpets, appliances – all gone. My heart breaks for her. You can say, thank God they are all healthy and safe, and that’s true. And you can say, it’s just stuff and can be replaced, but that’s easier to say when it isn’t YOUR stuff.

If you want to help those who suffered from the storm, check out the American Red Cross. They are helping minute by minute.

Hope you are all safe. My thoughts are with ya…

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