Top 5 Reasons I Want To Meet Kathie Lee & Hoda

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I’ve started a petition to get on the 4th hour of the Today show with the ladies so I can drink wine with them and perhaps leave the world of yoga pants and spit up behind for a few minutes. So here’s why I picked Kathie Lee and Hoda:

1. Kathie Lee and Hoda keep the dress industry in business. These two ladies rock a tight knee-length dress every single day of the show. I would need to get a year supply of Spanx if I tried to do that. Pus, I’m impressed that they can sit like that and never show their whoo whoo.

2. They have the bounciest hair on TV today. It seriously defies gravity. They must have someone re-curl it every commercial break. If I actually get on the show, they aren’t going to know what to do with this insane mop of thick Italian wavy hair. Do they make a product that makes your hair not look like a science experiment for static electricity?

3. After years of watching Kathie Lee on the Regis and Kathie Lee show with my grandmother, I feel as if I can act as a Kathie-Lee translator to the public. Plus, I promise not to make the vomit sign when she starts singing. Someone’s got to have that girl’s back. I mean I’ll still talk about her behind her back, but at least I’ll be listening to her singing while I do it.

4. Since Hoda is recently single, I can’t help but feel like she needs a little extra laughter right now. There’s only so many times you can laugh at Kathie Lee. And she recently got a dog. I’m worried that the next step might be a cat. A single woman surrounded by animals is a slippery slope…

5. I choose these two women because as I stepped on my 10th Lego while trying to clean poop off an ottoman (don’t even ask about that one) I realized that these women are living the dream. And for just one morning, for just a few minutes, I want a chance to sip wine at 10 am. At least a chance to do it when it is more accepted by the general public. No one wants to see a mom with a flask at preschool pickup.

To sign the petition and help me get to Kathie Lee and Hoda, click here.

(After signing, you might see an ad for a donation to the ipetition site, just ignore it and close window. It’s a free petition site so I can’t control their ads!)

Thanks for your support! Let’s show them what a mommy blogger can really bring!

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