Little Red Corvette – I’m Feeling A Bit Embarrassed Now…

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So my four-year-old daughter and I are driving in the car together this weekend and Prince’s Little Red Corvette comes on the radio. I tell her how Mommy used to love this song and dance to it when I was a teenager. She asks me to turn it up and I start singing it loudly while dancing in my seat. As I’m singing, I finally stop to listen to the words – the actual words - and my head cocks a little bit, my mouth drops open and my eyes open wide.

I had no idea what this song was really about when I was belting it out in my bedroom as a 14-year-old girl! I’m pretty sure my parents didn’t either – collectively I think we all believed it was just about a girl, a car and some horses…

Don’t get me wrong – I always knew that Prince was dirty. However, I thought that was just in songs like Cream or Kiss, or ones that I kept hidden and played on low in my room so my parents wouldn’t hear.

However, Little Red Corvette wasn’t on that list…until now…I feel like I have finally figured the punch line to a joke someone told me hours ago… Am I the only one who was this naive???

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