5 Tips for Faster and Less Frazzled Mornings

Implement a less-complicated routine into your morning to avoid chaos and let go of unnecessary stress. Your children will thrive and you won't hate mornings again for the rest of your life.

Prepare the Night Before

Empty backpacks and unsigned permission slips can cause unnecessary stress in the morning. There's no need to add unfinished homework and unpacked lunch boxes to the morning mix. Ease that rush by preparing the night before. Help your kids finish their homework early by encouraging them to get started right away. While making dinner, pack up fruits and veggies, fill water bottles and make sandwiches for your kids' lunches.

Helpful tip: A thin spread of peanut butter on both slices of bread will keep jelly from soaking through the bread and making it soggy.

Time Yourself

Do a week-long audit of your morning routine to find if you have any patterns that could be contributing to the chaos. If there is something that could be eliminated, get rid of it. While children need to learn how to manage time and be held responsible for their actions, they also need you to step in and know when it's too much. Schedules are constantly changing, make sure you are adapting to keep up.

Helpful tip: If you or your children tend to linger longer during certain morning tasks, set a timer. A soft ding will remind you it is time to get out of the shower or tell your children they should be done with breakfast by now.

Have a Household Hub

Near your front door or in the mudroom have a household hub where your children can keep their school supplies. Mount hooks or shelves with cubbies for children to hang their coats or store their backpacks. Storing everything in one place prevents lost library books and missing homework assignments. Each night before bed, help your son or daughter organize his or her backpack so it is read to grab and go in the morning.

Helpful tip: A cubbie bench, storage chest, coat hanger with cubbie and other entryway furniture from Vision Decor can give children a place to sit while tying their shoes and a place to store or hang bags and coats.

Get Enough Sleep

Essential in helping you get out the door with less stress is getting enough beauty sleep the night before. Help your children establish good sleeping schedules by following a routine of nighttime rituals, avoiding heavy activities after dinner and enforcing bedtimes. As reported by ABCactionnews.com, school-aged children should get nine hours of sleep on average. Gently but firmly help them meet this guideline in order to avoid fussy moods and rushed mornings.

Helpful tip: If being afraid of the dark is keeping your child from falling to sleep on time, give them a bottle of "monster spray" to fight their fears. A large stuffed animal guarding the door and bed can also do the trick.

Stick to the Routine

Once you figure out the best morning routine for your family, try to stick to it. Any change in the schedule can throw off your children's sense of stability and cause attitude and behavior issues. While morning time shouldn't be spent finishing homework or making lunches, children can still learn age-appropriate responsibility. Give them simple tasks to help around the house, whether it is practicing the piano or taking out the trash, so they can learn to utilize their time in the morning rush.

Helpful tip: Post to-do lists on your children's walls -- simple tasks like getting dressed and brushing their teeth -- that they are supposed to complete before coming to the table for breakfast.

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