How to Talk to Aging Parents About Driving

David Melton

This article, entitled "How to Talk to Aging Parents About Driving," is presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Do you remember when your parents had "The Talk" with you when you were a teenager? It was likely an uncomfortable topic for everyone. Now, it's time for many baby boomer children to have "The Talk" with their aging parents - this time, about their ability to drive.

DID YOU KNOW: There are approximately 35.5 million drivers aged 65 and older in America. As the 65+ U.S. population increases from an estimated 47 million in 2015 to 72 million in 2030, the number of senior drivers on the roads will also rise. That means more drivers with physical challenges, such as reduced hearing and poor eyesight; as well as more boomer children concerned about their parents' driving. Unfortunately, not enough boomer children are talking to their parents about this issue.

In the video above, driving safety expert David Melton talks about when and how to have this difficult conversation with senior drivers.

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