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I was at the pool this weekend and started talking to a woman holding an infant next to me. She asked me if he was my first and I told her how he was actually my second. I asked her the same. She replied, “Oh no, he’s my sixth.” I couldn’t hide the shock in my face. Six kids? Six??? She didn’t look like a character from a TLC show - she looked like a woman my age. She had a great haircut, cute bathing suit, and didn’t look frazzled in the least. How was that possible? How could she have six kids and look so good?

I have two kids and often realize that I haven’t brushed my teeth since the day before and am wearing clothes that might have two rounds of spit-up on them.

I also realized that I need to stop looking so surprised and shocked when someone tells me that they have more than two children. It’s not because I am judging or think that is too many kids to have – actually, it’s the opposite. I’m in complete confusion as to how they keep it all together and stay sane. I can barely find sanity at the end of the day with two children – is there even an end of the day with six?

So tell me all those parents with multiple children, how do you do it? I can imagine having to invest in one of those hats that has the drinking tubes attached to it. I would keep a constant flow of alcohol from it, starting around 3 pm. That might make the long, dreaded afternoon hours much more bearable. Heck, I might consider having a third child if I can be guaranteed one of those hats… Ok, that’s a lie, my birthing days are done. However, that might be my next baby shower present for any of my friends who decide to go for anything more than two…

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