A + Gifts your Child’s Teacher will Love this Holiday Season

Bridget Veltri, lifestyle expert with a knack for giving the perfect gift

‘Tis the season! Teachers are decking the school halls and their classroom walls for the holidays. At the same time, parents are beginning to ponder gifts for the teachers that give to their kids all year long. So what do you get a teacher when apples and coffee mugs just won’t do? Here’s a list (and we’ve checked it twice) of thoughtful, affordable gifts your child’s teacher will love!

1. Donsuemor Madeleines. With five flavors to choose from, this elegant cookie-cake is the perfect way to say thank you. Individually wrapped, these madeleines are a convenient yet lovely playground snack for the busy teacher on the go. A box of 26 is $15.00.

2. Davidson’s Tea. Whether it is their holiday blend or healthful Tulsi, Davidson’s tea will keep your child’s favorite teacher warm while they enjoy their favorite book during the break. A box of eight tea bags starts at $2.95.

3. OOTS The Lunch Box. Whether in the break room or on lunch duty, teachers need to eat, too! These eco-friendly classic totes brighten up even the most rushed lunch hour. Standard lunch box is $25.00.

4. Reusable thermal travel mug. Whether they are disguised as disposable, or have “World’s Greatest Teacher” printed on them; travel mugs are necessary for every teacher’s morning commute. COPCO price $5.99.

5. Starbucks Via Coffee. Because sometimes you need coffee…instantly. Starbucks Via instant coffee line is a great quick fix with all the flavors teachers crave. Pack of six is $6.95.

6. Classroom item. There is always something-- a cool rug, a map, or a few new books for the classroom library--teachers want for their classroom. Get great ideas for a good price at reallygoodstuff.com.

7. Picture frames. Teachers do have loved ones and personal lives outside of the classroom. Buy a picture frame so they can display that special someone on their desk. Have your children decorate it for an extra special touch. Pinterest has some creative ideas like this one.

8. Chocolate. Need we say more?

9. Nalgene water bottle. Teaching is tough work. Help your favorite teacher stay hydrated and environmentally conscious. Standard wide mouth bottles start at $9.00

10. Yankee Candles. These candles vary in size and price and smell delicious! We suggest buying the apple scent… just for fun! Small jar candles start at $10.99.

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