Temper Tantrums – A Martini Moment for All Mothers

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Before I had children, when I was naïve and in my 20s, I once went to Target and saw a toddler throwing a temper tantrum of epic proportions. I was horrified to see that the parent just walked away.

Their child was wailing on the ground and screaming “I hate you” yet the parents seemed oblivious. I swore then and there that I would never let a child have a tantrum like that. MY child would NEVER do something like that.

Fast forward ten years and everything changed. I took my two year old daughter to the grocery store a little too close to her nap time. When I declined her request for a cookie, she collapsed onto the ground, flailing her arms as if she were attempting to fly, and proceeded to throw her first temper tantrum.

And because life is cruel at times, as I walked away from my screaming child, a group of girls in their 20s rolled their eyes at me as they shook their heads in disbelief.

Karma is a kick in the pants, isn’t it?

It was then that I realized that you cannot control when your children will embarrass you. We can teach them manners and we can eventually teach them that temper tantrums are not acceptable, but there will always be moments that you cannot control and have to experience in order to know what skills you still need to teach.

A year after that temper tantrum, I can happily say that hasn’t happened again. However, last week she turned to me at the grocery store and asked loudly, “Mommy, why is that woman (the check out girl) so fat? Is it because she doesn’t eat fruit?” Oh my… I was longing for the days of temper tantrums at that moment.

Martinis and Minivans is a blog about a New Yorker now living the Midwest life as a writer, mother, and woman on the never-ending quest to be hip. Danielle Herzog is a native Long Islander from a ridiculously large Italian family where she doesn’t know the names of all of her cousins. She loves being in the Midwest but still doesn’t understand what May Day is and why everybody is so nice. You can find her at nights after the kids are in bed writing on her computer with an episode of The Real Housewives of Any City in the background.

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