The Art of the Thank-You Note

This article, entitled "The Art of the Thank-You Note," comes from Jen Lennon, MomsEveryday blogger from Southern Colorado.

In this day of text messages and tweets, have we lost the art of letter writing? Perhaps, but in my house, hand-written thank-you notes are still mandatory.

My daughter just turned eight last week and by the next morning I had left a stack of cards for her to write personal thank-you notes for all her gifts. It’s not a surprise in our house…it’s an expectation.

I actually met a Mom once who told me her children had to write their thank-you notes before they got to play with any new toy or gift. I’m not quite that strict about it, but I also do believe it’s an essential piece of etiquette that shouldn’t fade away…like opening the card before the gift or making a gracious comment no matter what the content of the box. I must confess, I don’t always have them write notes to immediate family members…maybe I should.

How do you say thank you in your house? Am I antiquated to think that a handwritten note should be a priority? I’d love to hear from you.

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Jen Lennon
KKTV Moms Everyday Host Jen Lennon spent most of her childhood growing up in Colorado Springs.
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