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...where fashion, food, and entertaining on a budget (without sacrificing style) is our mission!

...where fashion, food, and entertaining on a budget (without sacrificing style) is our mission! We're keeping things simple and local in Colorado Springs!

Stocking stuffer ideas…all for $1.00

If you celebrate Christmas, here are several stocking stuffer ideas from the dollar store. Read More

Meal under $10: fish tacos with lime aioli sauce

Serve these fish tacos with black beans and you have a complete meal in less than 30 minutes. Read More

Colored balloon ice balls

For this project you need balloons, food color, water and freezing temperatures. Read More

Decorate with wrapping paper

Here are a few ideas on how to take a roll of wrapping paper and decorate with it for some super easy, quick, and cheap holiday cheer. Read More

Foods that naturally help ease pain

What if you could help ease pain with a few simple changes in your diet? Read More

Buck a bowl broccoli soup

A simmering pot of hearty soup can be inexpensive, delicious, filling, nutritious and a great meal choice for cool evenings. Read More

Talking turkey…What kind, how much, how to & more…

Plan on 1 to 1 1/2 pounds turkey per person. Read More

Super easy (and cheap) Thanksgiving table ideas

These are ideas using everyday items, thrift store finds, items from my backyard and some dollar store things. Read More

How to make your slow cooker recipes even better

With slow cooker meals, you can use less expensive meats and there's less cleanup in the end. Read More

What to do with that leftover Halloween candy

You can easily turn the candy into other types of treats, use it for other occasions or even donate it…here’s a few ideas. Read More

Meal under $10: homemade hearty minestrone

This soup cooks in 30 minutes, making it a perfect and filling weeknight meal. Read More

How clean is your makeup brush?

Makeup brushes can harbor dirt, bacteria, old makeup, dead skin cells, dust and oils. Read More

1 minute ghost milk glass

Ok, it doesn’t get easier than this, even for those seriously challenged in the D.I.Y. department. Read More

Get rid of static cling

Static is a result of positively charged particles building up on surfaces. Read More

Scary apple mouths

So who doesn’t like apples and peanut butter…add some sliced almonds and you have a great snack with protein. These are "scary" apple mouths that the kids (and adults) will enjoy! Read More

Batty cheese balls

These homemade cheese ball bats are so easy to make and are a perfect appetizer for Halloween entertaining. Read More

Meal under $10: pulled beef sandwiches with garlic potato salad

The meat for the sandwiches only call for two ingredients! Read More

Meal under $10: sausage with lentils & kale

Everything cooks in less than 30 minutes and while the list of ingredients might seem extensive, they are for the most part, things you probably already have on hand. Read More

As seen on TV: Bare Lifts

This As Seen On TV product promises to instantly lift sagging breasts in a second. Read More

Alternative uses for clothespins

Everyone usually has clothespins in the house…even if you don’t use them to hang up clothes on the line to dry. They are cheap, easy to store and can easily be used in some nontraditional ways. Read More

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