Amy Pickrel

Amy is the mother of young twins and in a previous life she was an in home daycare provider.

I am the mother of young twins and in a previous life I was an in home daycare provider. I love crafts and always have. I try to do a craft with the kids most days. Somedays take planning and supplies, other days we grab the stickers or a coloring book. My twins are 2 years old so we do crafts that their little fingers can manage with no help or very little help from mom. It’s their project not mine, I’ve made puppets and collages. Seeing what they create is why I love doing these activities. I also need crafts that work for both of my babies (yes I still call them babies). My girl will sit and do a project for 20 minutes but my boy can handle maybe 2 minutes, then he is singing “Clean up.” I do not mind them making a mess-the house can be cleaned and kids can be bathed. Many times messes are fun to make, even for Mommies. And when you are scrubbing the paint off the floor on your hands on knees, just think of their faces and joyful squeals as they created their masterpiece.

Fruit Loops Rainbow

This fruit loops rainbow craft is perfect for even the smallest leprechauns. Read More

Toilet paper roll airplane

Need a fun and easy crafts for the kids and a use for those toilet paper rolls? Look no further. Read More

Footprint Characters

Keeping it simple I think is the key. And luckily it isn’t too hard to please young children. Read More

Paper plate Santa

Paper Plates, Oh the possibilities! Read More

Ghost Window

Halloween is near! Enjoy this fun craft with your kids! Read More

Apple suncatcher

Hang your finished apples on the windows. Read More

Painting with toes

Not a lot of direction and instructions for this activity. Read More

Mommy made makeup

I knew my little girl would love this because she loves to help mommy get ready. Read More

Frozen Yogurt Cups

These Frozen Yogurt Cups are great for breakfast or a snack any time of the day! Read More

Toilet paper roll fireworks

Here's a fun holiday craft little ones can enjoy! Read More

Make Faces out of Nature

Next time you and the kids go for a walk or are out playing in the yard take a look around and see what you can find to make faces out of nature. Read More

Baking soda volcanoes

You most likely have everything to make these baking soda volcanoes for your little ones! Read More

Decorate Golf Balls for Father’s Day

Here’s a fun idea for the golfing Dad for Father’s Day! Read More

Cloud Dough

WARNING: If you do not want your kids covered in flour just stop reading :) Read More

Potato stamp art

You probably did this potato stamp art growing up, and when I brought it out the kids were excited to play with their food! Read More

Hello Sun!

We have been spoiled the past few weeks with warm weather and plenty of sun so we are trying to bring it back with today’s craft! Read More

Cupcake Liner Flower

Spring is here and everything is turning green. So I thought the perfect craft would be these cupcake liner flowers. Read More

Coffee Filter Butterflies

After a very cold and long winter we are celebrating today by making these coffee filter butterflies. Read More

Painting with Plastic Eggs

There are only so many Easter Egg Hunts you can play around the house with the kids. Read More

Painting Bread with Milk

If you want a fun breakfast for the kids or a colorful snack then painting bread with milk is the craft for you! Read More

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