Annie Payne

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Annie is a Colorado native. She loves living in the Grand Junction area with her husband of eighteen years and their three children: Sixteen-year-old twin sons and fourteen-year-old daughter.

Annie has worked in media for over a decade. Annie started out as a blogger, where she chronicled the life and times of her growing family. Her blog attracted the attention of The Daily Sentinel, where they offered her the position of Home and Garden Columnist. Annie's enthusiasm for communicating with the masses and American Idol, then led her to become half of the "Gal Pal" team for Mix 104.3, where she co-hosted the drive home show every weekday with DJ, Roxy.

Annie currently is the host for Moms Everyday Western Colorado. She enjoys meeting all the businesses and organizations that are eager to help moms make their lives easier. Annie loves that moms come to her for advice and suggestions on everything from how to pick a good preschool to where to get the best burritos!

Aside from faith and family, Annie's other passions include: Home organization and management, public speaking, hiking, Bollywood movies, and her newly-found hobby of playing Minecraft with her daughter.

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