Fat Fighter TV

I’m Sahar El-Hodiri Aker

I started FatFighterTV as a way to continue my passion to help people live healthier lives, and to bring awareness to the obesity epidemic.

Hi there. I’m Sahar El-Hodiri Aker – a veteran TV health reporter whose stories have aired on dozens of local television stations across the country, as well as on CNN. In 2008, I started FatFighterTV as a way to continue my passion of using videos to help people live healthier lives, and to bring awareness to the obesity epidemic.

Besides original videos, FatFighterTV features healthy recipes, weight loss success stories, and the latest news on diet, fitness, and the obesity epidemic. Throughout it all, I hope you learn something new or find something that will help make diet and exercise more enjoyable for you.

Bottom line – we need to reverse the obesity trend in this country. But whether you’re trying to shed some pounds or just health conscious, why not have a little fun along the way? Losing that unhealthy weight and keeping it off may not be easy, but enjoying the journey is half the battle.

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