Gina Melton

Catch Gina with her friend Steve Lundy mornings on Kat 103.

Catch Gina with her friend Steve Lundy mornings on Kat 103.

Restarting Your Jolt Juice

I’m guilty of drinking my leftover morning coffee in the afternoon. I just grab it off my desk and heat it up and there’s my afternoon pick-me-up. Turns out, that may not be the best idea since I use flavoring in mine. Read More

Filling the Kids' Calendar

Sometimes I think we feel like we always need to entertain our kids. I know, because I'm guilty of it. Read More

Juice-Up Your Water

If you know me, you know how much I love Pinterest. Because of my healthy lifestyle, I drink a lot of water so I’ve been trying some of the infused water recipes on Pinterest. Read More

Tube Stakes Nutrition

I saw this on the the Today Show website and it really made me think. As I've been eating healthier, I've really been focusing on setting a good example for my kids and having them eat ultra healthy too. I've always limited their screen time but this study was pretty shocking to me. Read More

Talking The Talk

I was talking to some friends over the weekend and we were discussing the perfect time to have the birds and bees discussion with our kids. Read More

Here’s Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Your Method of Childcare

It’s a battle that every parent goes through and it can be mentally draining. I know because I went through it myself when I had to decide what to do with my sons Parker and Grant when I went back to work. Read More

Slip Into Your Ladder-Climbing Shoes

There are some simple steps you can take right away to improve your career path. Read More

The New Relationship Checklist

You meet someone new and you've gone out a few times. Things are going well but how do you know if it’s leading somewhere? Read More

Fashion Crisis Management 101

There was a great article in Glamour Magazine recently about the 5 things every woman needs in her purse to avoid a fashion emergency. I only had one of these things. How do you rate? Read More

Copy That

This is my dog Mattie. Love her to pieces. Now it seems I can get a replica of her in a stuffed animal thanks to a company called Cuddle Clones. Read More

Losing It By The Numbers

I'm working with a nutritionist and trainer right now. They are totally amazing; however, if you are trying to lose weight on your own you may wonder how many calories you should be eating. Read More

It's Only Natural...

I've been into researching natural alternatives for everything in my home lately. Read More

It Is Written - Or You're Grounded

My parents always instilled in me that handwritten notes are incredibly important and I've done this since I was a young girl. Read More

Where Do I Sign Up?

My co-worker, Steve, laughed when I told him this year it was my goal to learn the trapeze. Read More

You Might Want to Rethink That

I see a lot of my friends making faux pas on Facebook. I found this hilarious article about "Things Friends Don't Let Friends Do on Facebook," according to Thought Catalog. Read More

How's Your Balancing Act?

I think it's so hard to maintain a work-life balance. I experience a lot of guilt if I'm not running at 100% all the time and giving my all to everything. Read More

Snap Judgments

I am super guilty of this. I found this article and had to share. Read More

The School Run

I don't usually take my kids to school in the morning since I'm already at work but when I do, I find it very stressful. And it turns out I'm not the only one. Read More

The ABCs of PT Time

I saw this and thought it would be helpful for other parents out there wanting to get the most out of Parent-Teacher conferences. Read More

Jog Your Memory

I'm always telling my kids to go outside and play and have them enrolled in Tae Kwon Do. Read More