A Pinterest Pony Party

Liz Fogle

The last week has been a crazy whirlwind! This momma has felt like she is spinning plates! I’ve been in full pony party planning mode! To top it all off, I’ve had a crazy wicked sinus infection. I am on my second round of antibiotics! Once I was one the mend, I had to hit fast-forward. Initially, all of my ideas didn’t seem like too much, but after 5 days of sickness I began to wonder if I bit off more than I could chew.

I want to preface this party; by saying we don’t throw Bug a “big” party every year. I usually alternate years! Bug told me back in January, she wanted a horse party. Immediately, I began perusing Pinterest for ideas. Can we say, “Idea overload”!!! I immediately had to pair down my ideas. I knew with the help of Pinterest I could throw an inexpensive/great party!

This is probably my favorite project from the party. Stick horses for a party favor! There was a little bit of a learning curve with these, but after making the 14th one, you kind of figure it out!

I also wanted to make sure the kids had some games to play. A great friend at my church and her husband helped make our horse shoe game and horse. I was so thrilled with how the horse turned out! Bug didn’t understand why we couldn’t have a real horse?!?! No really! Bug just told me we could lead it down the basement steps. If only it was that easy.

The decorations were incredibly simple. I actually had to buy very little. What I did buy was inexpensive and can be repurposed for future parties. It is amazing what you can do with a little paint, a little ribbon, and little hard work.

After Bug’s party, I’ve decided that I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest. It is a great resource for information and ideas, but it can so overwhelm a momma and make you feel crazy inferior. While I feel like I pulled off a great party, it was not as elaborate as some of the parties “Pinned” on the site. Kuddos to those mommas and thanks for the great ideas!!

Honestly, I have to take Pinterest in doses. I can totally get sucked in and spend hours and hours on the site, but who has that kind of time!?! Does any other momma have this problem?

I am thankful Bug had a great party and all of her friends had fun too. I am also grateful; I don’t have to plan another party for a long time!

On a side note: can someone freeze time for me? I officially have a 5 year-old!!!

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