Electronic Devices Taking Away from Family Time

Amy Mastrioanni

I walked into my family room yesterday, my son is playing on his iPod Touch, my daughter on her Kindle Fire and my husband is playing Word feud on his iPhone. What’s my first instinct? I grab my iPhone and start checking email. No one is talking; everyone is focused on their electronic devices. As much as this bothered me, I was a willing participant! We are all in the same room; does that count as family time? I don’t think so!!

I think technology is great and I’m amazed at what our kids have access to that we didn’t as kids. When I was a kid, I had a walkman for music, went to library to check out a book, played Atari on my TV and videos were rented from the video store! Now, kids can access all of these things instantly on their personal devices. Ultimately, are kids today exposed to too much too soon? I would say YES!

I’m pledging for the New Year to ease my family’s dependence on these electronic devices and encourage more time playing board games, cards and doing more traditional, "old school" activities.

Who’s with me?

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