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As I write this blog, I'm watching the snowflakes fly outside my kitchen window. I'm grateful that it has been a mild winter here in the Midwest. Still, as I watch the white stuff start to collect on the lawn, all I can do is long for warmer weather. Brody definitely takes after me in this department. Almost every day he asks me if we can go to beach. At night when I tuck him into bed, he tells me that he's going to dream of the sand and water. We're both ready to bask in the sun, make a splash, and enjoy the heat. I explain that snowy winters and Indiana are a package deal. I tell my little guy that spring and summer are just around a corner. It's a good lesson in patience, right?

That being said, I'm always looking for fun activities to keep my little guy entertained during the winter months. (Especially during the last few weeks of winter, when time really seems to drag!) As any mom will tell you, it can take some creativity on our part to keep the kiddos engaged in play. We definitely get our fill of outdoor winter ice skating, sledding...etc. So, I'm dedicating this blog entry to two easy activities that Brody and I recently had some fun with indoors.

Idea one: Monster Hands. It's a kit that comes with a bunch of different temporary hand tattoos that look like little creatures. Brody and I had a great time getting silly with our "talking hands." You can put on little puppet shows. The best part, they're really easy to put on and take off. (Yay for easy clean-up!)

Idea two: Fabric Crayons (courtesy of my wonderful mother-in-law) All you need for this project is a box of the fabric crayons, white paper, a plain t-shirt, and an iron. My budding little artist had a wonderful time watching his drawing go from paper to something he could actually wear. He couldn't wait to show it off.

Now, I know there are a slew of websites out there (including the popular Pinterest) that help get our creative juices flowing. Call me old-school, but I still really like getting ideas from other parents. I'd love to read about the fun projects that you've done with your kids to stay busy this winter. Send me some ideas about what has worked for your family. In the meantime, I plan to do my best to keep Brody entertained until the sun comes out and we can hit the beach. I think Florida is calling our name!

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