Gifts from the Heart!

Liz Fogle

The countdown to Christmas is officially on!!! Have you finished your shopping yet? Do you still have that one gift to buy for that “person who has everything”? Or are you looking for some great crafts to do with the kids? Either way, here are some easy, but great ideas for last minute gifts. Bug (my daughter) helped me with all of these, so they are definitely kid appropriate!

Puzzle Piece Reindeer

How many of you have a puzzle that is missing pieces? Don’t throw it out! Pick out 3 pieces (one for Rudolph’s face and two for the antlers). Paint the pieces brown and then glue them together. Add googly eyes, a red nose, and a piece of ribbon. You now have a great ornament or gift tag to attach to a package.

Personalized Coasters or Trivets

Purchase 4x4 tiles (for coasters) or 8x8 tiles (for trivets) at your local home store. You have a couple of options. You can either buy ceramic paint to paint your tiles or you can use scrapbook paper and decoupage it on the tile. If you paint, you can use your child’s foot and turn it into a reindeer or their hands and make a Christmas tree. These make great gifts for grandparents. Another option is to use photos instead of scrapbook paper. Make sure you add felt pads to the bottoms of the tiles when you are finished.

Cookie in a Jar

This is not a new idea, but I love these!!! Find your favorite cookie, brownie, or muffin recipe and layer it in a pretty jar. These jars can be purchased very inexpensively or you may know someone who has some left over you can have. Once you layer your ingredients, top it with a cute piece of fabric and ribbon. Make sure you include the instructions for baking!

Snowman Hot Chocolate

I so fell in love with these snowmen when I saw them. They are super easy to make! You take two small glass jars. You can purchase jars at any craft store. Baby food jars also work (but we are past baby food stage at our house). You put marshmallows in one jar and hot cocoa in another (you can use store bought or make our own). Then you decorate your snowman with a cute face, buttons, felt hat, and scarf. The two jars are hot glued together! Another option is to add a third jar full of peppermints. Aren’t they the cutest thing!!!

Bug my daughter and I made all of these gifts in no time and with very little money! I know the description and directions to these crafts was very short. Please comment below if you need further instructions.
Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

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