Grab the Cleaner, It's Flu Season!

Liz Fogle

I will be the first to admit I am kind of a germaphobe! As a child, I suffered with a mild case of obsessive compulsive disorder (not kidding). I was so afraid of germs that I didn’t want to leave the house and I washed my hands constantly (wow, that makes me sound crazy). Over the years, I have had to learn a balance between necessary fear and unnecessary fear (germ phobia). I can only control the environment I am in so much and I can’t be afraid of all the germs out there. This is especially true with kids (aka little Petri dishes) because it seems like they are fine one minute and the next they have a temperature (at least that is how it is in our house)!! I have learned that I can’t put myself or my family in a bubble! Lily is going to be exposed to sickness (she is a preschooler after all) and so is the rest of the family.

To minimize our sickness, I make sure we take our vitamins, wash our hands properly, keep Lily away from other children that are sick, and keep her home when she is sick (this is a biggie for me). I want to minimize her contact with the public as much as possible because I don’t want her to spread it! I am not talking runny noses here or an occasional cough, but honest to goodness “my child is contagious”. Nothing irritates me more than a child who is brought to a function or out in public that is knowingly “I am contagious sick”. I seriously just want to yell!!!! Is it too much to ask to keep your kid home?!?! My kid is healthy and I want to keep it that way (okay I promise I will calm down)!!! I just try to use commonsense when it comes to our family and sickness.

I just know we are in for a wild ride this year. Preschool brings about a whole new host of germs and sickness. She has already caught the 5 day fever virus; I am just waiting for something new! I just pray that it isn’t the stomach virus (have I already mentioned that?). Fall and winter are a germaphobes worst nightmare, I just pray I don’t get too crazy with the Lysol and bleach. If you see a cloudy mist around me, you know I have had a Lysol spraying incident (I so wish I was joking)!!

So what do you do to keep your kids healthy? Is there one sickness you hope to avoid this year? Or more importantly, are there any other germaphobes out there?

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