Hold on to Your Hat Holidays!

Hello Moms!

The lights are sparkling, the tree is draped with handmade glittery ornaments my kids craft every year. 'Tis the season for laughter, love, giving and..for mass chaos!

Ohh Ladies I hope you are keeping your heads above the water. I know there are a thousand things adding up on those to-do lists before Christmas.

It's so hard for me to remember to slow down and just take it all in! That's because in between picking up kids from school, work, making dinner..my mind is also running wild about the gifts I still need to buy, what casseroles I'm making for each event, and when to be at which place! LOL - can I hear an amen?

But the truth is, what would Christmas be without the hustle and bustle! It's mentioned in several traditional old classic Christmas songs, which actually eases my mind to a degree. To me that only confirms that for generations other people have felt the same go go go pressures of the holiday rush!

So I think the constant mental holiday check list playing through our heads could be considered..a holiday tradition of sorts! LOL! What's really important is that we enjoy the here and now. Take even a few moments every night before bed, to turn down the lights and sit in the peace and quite of just your glowing Christmas tree. Let your thoughts take you back to your favorite memories over the years during the season. Most of all smile and know you are not alone! You have a team of moms cheering you on in the quest to overcome the holiday chaos!!

Talk soon friends :)

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Kelli Parker
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