I'm Gettin' Nothing for Christmas

Liz Fogle

I don’t know about you, but the Christmas holiday is quickly approaching and I am not ready! I still have a few people to buy for, haven’t wrapped a thing, and have 100 Christmas cards to send out. To make matters worse, the stomach virus took me down 2 days this week, but that is a blog for another day.

Unfortunately, the stomach virus caused me to miss “Christmas Shoppe” at Bug (my daughter’s) school. Throughout the year, the parents gather items and then let the kids purchase them as gifts for Christmas. I love this event because it really helps teach the kids about the importance of giving! Bug was so excited to shop this year because she was going to buy things by herself (when did she get so big?!?!).

Bug made a list of people she wanted to buy for and took money out of her “giving bank” (don’t worry mom and dad spotted her some money too). When she returned home from school, she was carrying a grocery sack full of gifts. Bug immediately ran to her room and stashed her purchases in her closet. She was so secretive about what she had purchased everyone. I am actually impressed she has kept her gifts a secret. It has been refreshing to see her excitement about giving. I think often times we get so caught up in busyness that we forget about the true meaning of the season.

To annoy me or just throw me off, Bug decided to re-write a song about “mommy’s Christmas gift”. She sang it for me and then I had her re-sing it so I could get it on video. Here is the video for your viewing pleasure. I don’t even know where she learned the song.

I for a fact know Bug bought me something at “Christmas Shoppe”. I can’t wait for her to experience the joy of giving on Christmas!

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