Jolly and Joyous with a side of Frustration

Liz Fogle

Since before Thanksgiving, all I have heard is, “Mom is it time to put up the Christmas tree yet?” Bug (my daughter) started asking about putting the Christmas tree up the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I know the child loves Christmas, but can we let the Thanksgiving turkey finish digesting?!?! After 2 days of traveling and filling our bellies, I pulled the Christmas tree out! I have never seen a child so excited! It was so refreshing to see the glow and excitement in Bug’s eyes.

Immediately, upon pulling my tree out, I ran into a problem. I have a love/hate relationship with my tree. My tree is more than 8 years old and is starting to outlive its use. I had to “band-aid” it last year, when a section of the pre-lit lights went out. I just knew I was headed down the road of disaster, when all but one section of lights came on!!!! Ugh!!! My jolly and joyous spirit quickly flew out the window! I was frustrated and upset!

To make matters worse, Ben (my husband) thought the entire situation was hysterical. Believe me…I wasn’t laughing!! Let just say the lights and tree top went flying out the door! Eventually, Ben quit laughing at me and came to my rescue. He got all but 2 sections of lights on. While it would have been nice to have a new tree, we decided to double “band-aid” the tree and use it another year.

Let me tell you, I have an adorable 4-year-old that doesn’t care! Bug was just excited to get out all of the ornaments and put them on the tree. I loved this special time together. Each time we opened an ornament; Bug would get so excited and remember a special memory. Bug found the “Frank the Bad Crab” Ornament; it was purchased after she was bitten by a crab. She also loves the Nutcracker ornaments, which remind her of her favorite ballet.

As we were putting ornaments on the tree, I reminded Bug that it was important to spread them out and cover the whole tree. Immediately, I noticed we had a problem.

Yep… when you are 4 (and love every ornament), you want them all on the bottom and nothing on the top. I love that Bug’s idea of spreading the ornaments out, is putting them on different branches on the bottom. I put my “OCD” aside and just let Bug decorate! She was having too much fun and I didn’t want to spoil her fun! When she went to bed, I made sure I spread the ornaments out a little more.

My house is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I have one very excited little girl. I think this is the first year; she has been so excited about it! It is refreshing to see her excitement, but we hope we can keep it in perspective. As parent’s, our goal is for Bug to enjoy the Christmas season, but not forget its true meaning. I know as a family we are looking forward to several Christmas activities (Christmas parades, baking Jesus a birthday cake, singing Christmas Carols, and our annual gingerbread house)!

Hope you and you family have a very Merry Christmas season!

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