Laundry Amoeba

Last year in school my 6th grader was assigned my favorite homework project of his school career to date. The class: Families and Consumer Education better known as FACE. The assignment: project laundry. Each student was assigned the task of doing at least 5 loads of laundry, and received an A for the unit if they completed at least 11 loads!

I was thrilled since laundry around here is the amoeba of all chores. It is constantly in a state of change, always on the move, and reproducing seemingly on it’s own.

In fact, it seems, it’s the one chore that never really is done, when you can say, “there that’s done now, “ and walk away feeling as though you’ve accomplished something.

That’s why when I was showing my son how to put the laundry into the dryer, we found an already dry load in there waiting to be taken out. There are also folded clothes sitting in various places around the house waiting to be put away. Instead, it seems we often live out of these piles that never actually find their way back to their final resting spot instead they are absorbed into the amoeba our laundry has become.

And even when we completed the entire process for the homework assignment, there were still renegade loads that showed up unexpectedly following sweaty baseball games and kitchen spills so that the dryer remains the holding tank for clean yet unidentified laundry awaiting it’s time to come to life and re-enter the single celled organism that is our laundry.

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