Life Before Kids...It's all a Blur!

Liz Fogle

Your Time Before Kids…What did you do?

I love being a mom! I think it is a blessing and adventure all rolled into one. Sometimes it isn’t easy, but I am incredibly grateful that I get the opportunity to raise my daughter!

Recently, Ben (my husband) and I had a conversation about our life before Bug (our daughter). Honestly, we couldn’t figure out what we did with our time?!?! I think we probably decided that we worked too much and didn’t have enough fun! Before Bug was born, my husband worked 10 hour shifts 6 days a week and worked as the worship leader at our church. I was finishing up my degree at WKU and worked as a news producer. While we enjoyed these things, we agreed that “JOBS” didn’t leave us with much spare time or fun-time.

So how did we answer the question, “what did we do with our time before Bug?” Did we go out on more dates (probably not)? Did we hang out with our friends more (probably…but we just bring the kids along now)? Did we sit in silence (hello…I love to talk)? Did we take the time to enjoy the little things in life (probably not)? Could we decide, on a whim, to go away for the weekend (yes…less planning involved)?

We’ve come to the conclusion that will probably never figure out how we really spent our hours. We’ve just decided that we sound incredibly boring (But, I promise we did have fun). We just know our life is incredibly different!

There is a great video circulating the internet from Bluefish TV. The video is called “The Parent Rap”. I can’t legally, embed the video on my blog, but can link you to the You Tube Channel. This video really puts a parent’s life in perspective!

Here is the link:

Some of my favorite lines talk about: don’t make me count to 3, accessorizing with pre-chewed food, how you use to watch PG-13 movies, rocking the mini-van or little red wagon, and raising your brows when the kids get out of hand! I will be the first to admit, this song could so be about my house!!! I don’t know how many times a day I count to 3. Also, our Friday night movies now include a sparkly princess or puppy dog. While I don’t own a mini van, my SUV is a mom mobile! Every parent also has the look and eyebrow raise (you know what I am talking about)! These are all things I didn’t do before I had a child, but what can I say this is a parents life (and it is my life)!

Looking back at our life before Bug, I am thankful! I am thankful that my husband and I had 4 years together and enjoyed our time together! I am now incredibly thankful we have Bug. I wouldn’t trade my daughter for anything in the world! She makes life fun and adventurous! I guess the Lord knew Ben and I needed a little more adventure in our life!

Oh…the joys of parenthood! What an incredibly blessing!

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