Momma's girl

In one week I go back to work and end my wonderful maternity leave. I have the perfect baby, but there's a problem...

She's a momma's girl.

Normally, that would be just fine, but when your baby is not going to have direct access to momma for nearly 9 hours a day, that's a scary thing. She's absolutely wonderful and wakes up smiling and happy all the time. She rarely cries, unless she wants her mom. When she wants her mom, there's no calming her down.

I'm in need of advice.

Let me describe my sweet baby girl... she's healthy and happy. My Kaydence has done her job in these past two months and has grown and grown! She's 15 pounds of cute! Yep, 15 pounds!! It's nearly off the charts. She's in the 99th percentile for weight and the 92nd for height. She's not "hurting for groceries" as my uncle put it!

She's nursing and sleeping pretty well and has really taken a liking to playing with her activity gym. Her favorite thing, though, is "talking" to mommy face to face. I have soaked this up of course! But the clock is ticking. I'm going back next Friday and I dread the thought that Kaydie will be screaming for mommy while I'm back earning a living.

I'm not overreacting and I'm not losing sleep because I know as long as she's safe and loved, this too shall pass. However, no one wants their baby crying for any reason, especially one that makes you feel so bad! I feel terrible for our family members who end up feeling helpless when they can't make "their baby" happy.

Normally, she'll sit and coo or chew on her finger while she enjoys her surroundings. She'll let people hold her and is just great with grandparents and daddy... until she isn't. That's when my quiet, sweet, content baby starts crying like you've broken her arm or something. (grandma's description) It's not every day, but we've been on a bit of a streak lately where all she wants is mom.

I don't want her daycare days (nights actually) to be like this... for her or the teachers. I wish I had a magic wand!

What do you do? Sometimes I take over, if it's clear she's not settling down, but other times I stand back and coach that person while they try to solve the puzzle that is Kaydie's sadness. Over the past two months we've figured out she's not hungry, tired, wet or anything during these times... the only solution is mom. And it's not just a couple of minutes until she forgets I'm gone... this goes on for a while.

She'll do this whether I'm in the room or not and even does it for Chris. She's had much more exposure to other caregivers than Kanyon did when he was her age, so you'd think she'd be adjusted! I hold her a lot, but also try to give her independent time playing and so on so she knows she's okay out of mom's arms. My mom has spent umpteen hours snuggling her, and she'll still experience bouts of this, so what gives? There's no way to predict when the momma's girl moments are going to strike.

What do you do? Have you gone through this with your babies? We had our times when Kanyon (at age 1 and up) didn't want to be dropped off at daycare, but I'm caught off guard with a 2 month old who's having separation anxiety. Help! I'm looking for advice from parents who have been there.

I have been taking her into daycare here and there to meet her caregiver. A new teacher was just hired for her room so I'll need to introduce the girls, but I can't imagine it won't be the same situation... since she does it with daddy and grandmas even.

Luckily we've got until early December before she starts. I've got a list as long as my arm of tips and tricks to help calm Kaydie down, but it's an art!

I'm giving myself pep talks that it will be okay. I'll have to stay strong so I don't sit at my desk and have anxiety about it all. I know anticipation is usually greater than realization, so I'm staying positive and trying to problem solve!

I'd love your feedback!

Kaydie is just such a sweet heart. She's smiling and trying to laugh and it just melts my heart every time. I love her little personality. Having her in our home has made the days even sweeter.

I'll see you all next Friday!

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