One step ahead of that New Years Resolution!!

Kelli Parker

It's once again that time. You know what I'm talking about! Time to look ahead to the new year, and vow to make changes in our lives that help us live happier, healthier, more successful days in the coming new year.

Some of us will take a spoonful of will power and stick to achieving those resolutions (at least for the first 3 months of the year,) while others will fall off the wagon as soon as the wheel starts to wobble!

To be honest I've been on both sides of the resolution highs and lows, but there's one thing I like to do every year just to clear the slate before those almighty resolutions are even written down!! It gives me a little secret jolt of confidence and clarity and a little push that says you can do anything you set your mind to!! It's just so simple it's silly!!

I like to call it the Christmas Clean Sweep!! That's right, I take several days after Christmas and declutter, reorganize, and tidy up all those areas in my house that seem to get neglected throughout the year. The laundry room, my closet, the kids closets, my pantry, the toy closets, my jewelery drawer -- you know what I'm talking about Ladies, it can become a jungle in all of these areas! Sure I clean each of them throughout the year a hundred times, but at this time of the year, I seem to hit a "use it or lose it" type mentality!

I think this is because after celebrating Christmas for several days with all of our family, it seems we have a truck load of gifts to find new places for in our home (which we are beyond blessed-certainly thankful for each and every gift), but it's time to say goodbye to things we no longer need! Now there's no need to feel overwhelmed and do it all at once, just knock out the area's where you feel you are going to be spending the most time -- make life easy for yourself!!

Now just so you know I am far from the most organized girl on the block (as my super organized younger sister will tell you LOL), but by purging out the old to make way for the new -- aaahhhhhh it's such a great feeling!!

Let's face it, organizing your home, makes life sooo much easier, and makes room for you to clear your mind and really focus in on making those new years resolutions seem a little more important than just a 24-hour-goal!! So go ahead get a jump on the rest of the world and start making room for your resolutions today!

Have a great week--Happy Early New Year to each of you!!!

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