Picky Pants

Liz Fogle

These shoes are too big! These jeans are too stiff and they cover my heel! I don’t want to wear ankle socks! These sleeves are all wrong! I don’t like this shirt…it is too bluey (whatever that means)!

These are all statements that have come out of Bug (my daughters) mouth in the last week. I am still trying to figure out what bluey is?!?! I guess the shirt was too blue. Getting Bug dressed in the morning has become a battle. What I pick out is not right. Usually, Bug ends up crying and begging for something different. I end up frustrated and desperate for her to just get dressed for school (we’ve been late to school several mornings). Our mornings are stressful and rushed! Grrrr!

Apparently, I am not alone in my battles. A Facebook friend was expressing her frustration over her son being super picky about what he wears to school. Sigh…I couldn’t help, but sympathize. She was searching for advice and help. Several people offered good suggestions, but I’ve tried most of them. Here area a few things suggested by fellow parents:

1. Someone suggested letting a child pick out their clothes the night before. Yep, tried that…didn’t work. Bug didn’t want to wear the outfit, but I made her.

2. Pick out 2 outfits and let your child choose. Bug wouldn’t want to wear either one.

3. Let your child pick out the outfits for the entire week with your help. There are a few problems with this…I do laundry in the middle of the week, so I am not sure I would have a weeks worth of clothes clean. Also, Kentucky weather, very unpredictable.

4. Let your child pick out his/her outfit by themselves. I let Bug do that once. She had a navy/green dress on, jeans, pink boots, and a baby blue bow. I am all about letting a child express themselves, but can we at least stay in a similar color family?!?!

5. Pick your battles! If your child want to wear the same shirt for the entire year, that is their problem. I chose not to battle Bug one day. She wouldn’t get dressed, so I told her to put her shoes on because she was going to school in her pajamas. We were walking out the door, when Bug decided to get dressed.

I never thought my 4 year-old would become a fashionista. Ugh!!! Gone are the days of picking out cute/matching outfits. I guess I should have relished that while she was a baby. Can we say…school uniforms please!!!! I am hoping this picky/fashionista stage it short lived because this momma is tired of battling every morning.

Anyone else have a picky/fashionista?!?! Any advice is warranted!!! I know there are a lot of desperate mommas out there and we would appreciate the help.

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