Take Advantage Of Seasonal Sales

This article, entitled "Take Advantage Of Seasonal Sales," comes from Melanie Bloom, MomsEveryday blogger from Lincoln, NE.

Save yourself money by taking advantage of seasonal and post-seasonal sales.

We've all heard of deep discounts at the stores after the holidays. We know that we can get up to 70% off wrapping paper and decorations. If you look closely, you'll find more useful, everyday items.

While browsing the post-Christmas sales this week, I found many items with holiday packaging that were on clearance, even though the products inside were just the same as any other time of the year!

I managed to buy aluminum foil at half off the regular price. I also clipped a coupon out of the newspaper recently that I was able to use with my purchase. What should've cost about $3 normally, I paid just $1 for at the checkout.

I also found freezer bags that were half off the regular price. I had saved store coupons and manufacturer coupons that I used with my purchase. I ended up paying one dollar for each box of gallon freezer bags. So I bought four! That was all that was left on the shelf by the time I got to the store!

Post-season sales are really a great time to think ahead to next year, of course. Buy wrapping paper for cheap and buy white tissue paper that can be used all year long for any holiday or birthday presents. Find a deal while you can, but don't buy too much! If you're buying things you don't really need or use, then you're just wasting money.

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In her spare time, you can find Melanie spending time with her husband and their two children, Bryce and Gillian.
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