"The ABCs of a Good Mom"

Liz Fogle

Being a mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had. I still amazed that you give birth to a child and the hospital lets you take it home (without a manual). I know I have made some great decisions as a mother and I have made some terrible decisions. My friends and I often joke that we muddle through parenthood. Unfortunately, sometimes that isn’t too far from the truth! You learn from experience and just pray you don’t screw your child up.

With that being said, I found a great resource that I wanted to pass along to you. I love its simplicity! I found this on a website called imom.com. I take no credit for any of these, but they are too perfect not to share.

So here are, “The ABC’s of Good Moms (or Dads)”.

Ask about my school day
Be present when you’re with me
Celebrate my little victories
Dote on me
Encourage me when I’m down
Forgive my mistakes
Grow with me
Help me when I need it
Insist I eat vegetables
Joke with me
Kiss me even when I don’t want you to
Listen to me
Make memories with me
Notice when I do something right
Organize me until I can do it myself
Play with me- a lot.
Question me about my day
Read to me or with me
Smile at me
Turn off my electronics
Understand me
Value me
Wait patiently-I’ll get it some day
Xxx and OOO me every day
Yell less
Zero in on what makes me

I can’t help but think if I followed these 26 simple statements, what a better mom I would be. I think they are a nice balance of showing love, having fun, and encouraging personal growth. I hope you will print this list and post it on the fridge. Personally, I hope it will help me slow down, count my blessings, and enjoy being Bug’s mom.

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