Welcome to the world, baby girl!

As I sit here, set to blog, I'm fresh off a rare date night (on a Wednesday of all things) with my dear hubby. Grandma Stokes came to take care of our two little pumpkins and it wasn't 1 hour into that movie before I started missing them, and when your baby is brand new, it's hard not to be preoccupied with thoughts of them! However, we have to take those opportunities when we can! We are tuckered out parents of a toddler and a newborn!

She's fast asleep upstairs and Kanyon is in his big boy bed (night 3). Wow, a lot has happened since I last logged onto the blog!

I have gathered a lot of topics on my maternity leave, but I better start from the beginning. Kaydie's birth!

As you know from my posts this summer, baby #2 gave momma quite the ride ahead of time. I had a couple of false labor "scares", one that had me staying overnight in the hospital wondering if he or she was going to come a month early! Needless to say, baby stayed put until 4 days before Labor Day, which was also the due date!

On August 29, a Wednesday night, I was at work getting ready for the Fox News at 9 newscast, when at about 7:30 I felt contractions start. Since we were short staffed, I put everyone "on alert" after the first 3 contractions happened. The newsroom figured out a plan and we had someone ready to cover for Chris and I if we needed to bolt to the hospital. The contractions only lasted a half hour, so at 8 p.m. I thought it was all said and done. I did the 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts and went home.

So many of you posted on Facebook that you thought you noticed something was up with me that night! I felt fine but was definitely wondering if my water was going to break on air or something! It must have come across on my face. I thought I was covering pretty well!

We went along business as usual that night. All of us were asleep when the sharp labor pains woke me up shortly after 3 a.m. I kept quiet track of the first few contractions on my iphone next to the bed. I tried to sleep through them, thinking they were Braxton Hicks, and I didn't want to wake the boys unless it was the real deal. It only took a few of those full tilt contractions (which were spaced only a few minutes apart) before I woke Chris up and told him he needed to get his bag together. I called my mom and told her it was time since she was going to stay with Kanyon. I only had time to shower and give her instructions for him before I knew we had to hit the road. The pain was bad and I needed that epidural!!

We left the house at 4 a.m. and got to the hospital about 4:15. Kaydence was born less than an hour later! It was a crazy 50 minutes!

I was in labor for about 18 hours with Kanyon. I fully expected we'd be in the delivery room for hours this time too! I got up to the room, saw the nurse who'd helped me through the false labor night in July, and she said something to the effect of: it's real this time, huh? Oh yeah. These contractions were so bad I couldn't breathe and my normally pleasing personality was in a state of quiet panic. I did my best to be calm but I felt more like an injured raccoon in a cage!

Poor Stacey (the nurse) and Chris. They kept telling me to breathe but I wasn't really open to that suggestion at the time. It's just not the first thing that comes to your mind when that chainsaw is lodged in your belly, right? I remember my fingers and toes going numb and finally my face tingling because I could not breathe through those suckers. My little girl was really putting me through the ringer!

As you can imagine, I was not about to turn down that epidural if I was in for hours of this kind of pain. So as I tried my hardest to be a good patient while Stacey tried to get an IV going, I realized this baby was coming fast. I remember huffing and puffing and saying "you guys, the baby is right there!" I don't think they realized I meant it! They had to say "breathe and sit still! If we don't get the IV in, you don't get the epidural!" I remember thinking, "please God, let the anesthesiologist live close by."

As soon as the IV was in, Stacey realized there was no need to call the anesthesiologist. She needed to get the doctor on call in that room asap. She said something really close to: "there won't be an epidural. You're ready to push. It's going to be your second natural childbirth". (the epidural wore off for Kanyon's delivery)

I felt relief at that point just because I knew I could at least try to have the baby sooner than later... it hurt so much I didn't care what we did at that point! Stacey the nurse mentioned that the doctor may not make it in time and I said "are you guys ready?" They said yes, and I said "okay, let's do it!"

Well the doctor made it and in about 10 minutes from the first push, Chris heard the words, "it's a girl!" I say Chris heard the words, because I was in such shock that I didn't hear a thing until the third time someone said it! Chris and I talked about that later and I guess he didn't hear it the first time either!

He said the doctor looked at him and said, "dad?" Expecting him to announce it, but she had to! He repeated the words, and I didn't hear that either! Thankfully, the nurse came right up to my ear and said it!

We were both so happy and I finally got a look at the little sweet pea I'd carried so long! I feel like I gave birth to my future best friend at that moment. It was a completely different feeling than when Kanyon arrived. They were equally wonderful moments. I can't really explain it, other than to say, I knew some of the dreams I had of having a girl would actually come true! I was excited we were blessed with one of each!

Chris texted my mom and said "it's a girl!" She told me later she thought it was a prank, joking that the garage door hadn't even shut yet! Yes, I became one of those women she talked about over the years being so lucky to have quick deliveries. I can't believe it myself. I guess those extra painful contractions were rewarded with a short delivery! I didn't even have to endure the (sorry labor nurses, I love ya) frustrating stretches of counting to ten during pushes. I just hated that so much the first time! I only heard "go go go" and "give us all you got" and "keep going!" 10-4 good buddies! This I can do! I was a sprinter, not a distance runner. I would much rather get it over with! Thank you Kaydence! I guess I paid my dues with that long night of false labor the month before!

Kaydence Louise Herzog was born at 5:09 a.m. on August 30. 8 pounds, 9 ounces (beating out Kanyon by half a pound). She was healthy and immediately so sweet. She was a snuggler from the get go and we were just soaking it up! She did have to be under the bili light for some jaundice because her little face was bruised pretty badly, so other than an all-nighter under the light with my baby girl, things went perfectly!

Kanyon got to meet his baby sister later that day and we were all smiles!The girlfriends and grandmas all sprung into action (I had visions of them waiting at the doors of stores in WI, SD and MO ready to buy cute frilly things) and by that afternoon, our baby girl had plenty of pink and ruffles to go around. It took me a while to realize our house would not just consist of boy clothes and trucks anymore!

We got to bring her home a few days later and she's been a dream baby ever since. She just cries to let me know she needs something and has been overachieving in the growth arena!

She gained 3 1/2 pounds in the first month! She's a good eater obviously, which means lots of getting up at night for mom, and it feels like I never leave the recliner during the day, but wow, what a sweetie. I'll probably save the stories of Kanyon's adjustment for another blog, but he did pretty well, considering he was only 20 months when his little sister came into the world.

So we're all still trying to get into the groove of our new deal and I've been up to my eyeballs which is why I haven't had a moment to blog! I finally had some caffeine tonight so those eyeballs I'm talking about can stay open!

We really appreciate all the support and wonderful well wishes! Kaydie is getting cuter by the day! I am completely ignoring the date when I'll be back at work (Nov. 16 if you're keeping track) because I can't fathom leaving her. (cue the kleenex) I spent way too much time dreading the return to work date with Kanyon, so I'm trying a different approach and pretending it doesn't exist this time. I love my job so much, but there's no comparison when you're staring into your baby's face and they are smiling and cooing back at you! (my bosses understand I'm sure)

I hope to blog more in the coming weeks but thank you for being patient in the mean time! You are awesome!

I am putting up a slide show of pictures for you. Just click on the picture on top of this blog and the rest should start to show up for you! Have a great day and thank you for keeping up with all of us.

Right on cue, I hear Chris upstairs, probably walking to the top of the stairs to tell me my punkin is hungry again! Gotta go!

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