Freezing Time

There are times as a parent where I wish I could freeze time and enjoy my little girl just the way she is right now.

On Halloween, I had one of those moments.

Lauren, who is now two-and-a-half years old, picked out her own costume this year. We had talked about her being a lion, because she likes to "roar," but when we got to the costume store, she made a different choice: a pink flamingo.

It was an adorable costume, and she was so excited to go trick or treating. She told everyone about her costume, from her teachers to strangers at the grocery store. We talked a few days in advance about how to say "trick or treat," "thank you," and "happy Halloween!"

So off we went on Wednesday night, Lauren, my husband and me, all holding hands, around our neighborhood. Lauren would run to keep up with the other kids in our group of trick-or-treaters, and patiently wait her turn to declare "trick or treat!" Watching this pink ball of fluff bounce up and down on the front porches made me smile from ear to ear. But the first time she paused on her way down some steps to look back and tell the person at the door in that precious toddler voice, "Happy Halloween," I almost burst into tears.

"Remember this," I told myself.

Each stage of a child's life is so unique and special. When they're as young as my little Lauren is, the stages go by so fast.

Too fast.

Next Halloween will be as different from this Halloween for us, as this Halloween was from last year. Lauren will be taller, faster, probably in some sort of princess dress, and we'll have another trick-or-treater with us in a stroller, or maybe a wagon, who will be around 9 months old. I can only hope to have a magical moment like I did this past Halloween where I find myself whispering, "Remember this."

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