The Waterworks

I'm at the point in my pregnancy where I can cry at just about anything.

"I remember that. Is that happening again?" asked my sweet husband, as I explained to friends this weekend that I'm at the point in my pregnancy where I can cry at just about anything. Yes, the waterworks always seem ready to flow these days!

I realized I was in trouble with tears last week on my way home from work, listening to that song from the 1960s, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." Lauren and I have been singing it lately in hopes she can sing a little for her grandma when we see her on Thanksgiving. The song was one of my mom's favorites when she was a girl. And that little train of thought had me wiping away tears as I drove down the street.

Anytime my church's pastor brings up his late mother, it's automatic tears for me. Naturally, he talked about her at church on Sunday. So there I am, bawling in the pew, thankful I stuffed a few tissues into my pocket before coming into church. The movie "Father of the Bride" was Sunday afternoon. I only watched the first ten minutes or so, and I cried the entire time.

Maybe I should get a shirt that says, "Pay no attention to the weeping lady. She's pregnant." Maybe I should get several of them so I can wear one every day.

Now that the holiday season has arrived, there are even more opportunities for an emotional trigger to unleash the waterworks. Here's hoping I hold it together on the air!

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